The Future of Precinct 3


The Leader We Need for Harris County Precinct 3

Susan Sample, a successful certified public accountant (CPA) and business attorney, is the former Mayor who led West University Place through Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. She is the only candidate for Commissioner of Precinct 3 who has the unique combination of governmental and business knowledge and experience to effectively manage our precinct with her experience and training as a CPA and attorney, and act as a watchdog for us on Commissioners Court.

Efficient Government

When taxpayers have to wait years and jump through countless hoops to get access to basic services, such as Harvey recovery programs, government has failed. Susan will cut through this bureaucratic red tape and ensure that county services are delivered in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

Flood Mitigation

With 500 year storms occurring almost yearly in Harris County, it is clear we must change how we think about flood mitigation. Rather than divert flood mitigation funds to unrelated projects, Susan will demand that all money allocated is actually spent on flood mitigation and recovery.

Taxpayers’ Watchdog

We must halt the current practice of diverting Precinct 3 transportation and flood mitigation dollars to outside interests.

With her experience and training as a CPA and attorney, Susan has the experience and expertise to be the taxpayers’ watchdog.

Drainage Improvement

During her service as Council Member and Mayor of West University Place, Susan focused on improving storm drainage. As a result there was a 70% + reduction in flood impacted properties in the city from Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 to more recent storms versus the catastrophic impact suffered by neighboring municipalities.

Fiscal Responsibility

A multibillion dollar budget requires a leader who understands the budgeting process. As a CPA and a business attorney, Susan brings a depth of knowledge to the budgeting process to cut out waste and abuse in the system and ensure that every dollar spent by county government is done efficiently and effectively.